COVID-19 Update (13 July)

Dear musicians and families,

Under the current lockdown we obviously will not be able to resume KYO’s normal rehearsals this coming Thursday 15 July. How long the lockdown will continue and what rules may be in place post lockdown are still uncertain. We will be in touch with everyone when we know when we might be able to return and under what conditions, e.g. we may need to go back to spacing the orchestra and may or may not be able to provide suppers.

As for the initial lockdown in 2020 we will keep track of rehearsals that have had to be cancelled due to lockdowns and will apply a credit against next year’s fees.

In the meantime keep rehearsing ET, Swan Lake and Danse Macabre. Reach out if you didn’t pick up the music at the end of last term and we will email you a soft copy.

Keep safe and well.