10 Years of KYO

Rising from the ashes of a disbanded Knox-Abbotsleigh ensemble, Kuringai Youth Orchestra (KYO) has come a long way, now celebrating our tenth year of music-making. With members both in school and at university, KYO has had many triumphs over the years, whether it be winning Sydney Eisteddfod, premiering new Australian music and even featuring on a TV broadcast to over a billion people.

Although the global pandemic has meant that our planned 10th Anniversary concert series for 2020 couldn’t happen, we have selected highlights from the past ten years, showcasing our evolution over the course of four musical directors. We hope you enjoy our greatest hits below, available as high-quality audio and video recordings!


Watch “10 Years of KYO” on YouTube by clicking the image below:

Track List

The video playlist above contains five bonus pieces!

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Musical Directors

KYO has been blessed to have four conductors since its formation in 2010 each of whom have brought their unique passion and energy to the orchestra.

Warwick Tyrrell (2010–11)

A renowned trombonist and educator, Warwick was the Principal Trombonist of the London Philharmonic Orchestra for three years, and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra for nine years. He has held many teaching positions at conservatoriums all over Australia and developed his conducting skills as the inaugural conductor of KYO. As of 2020, Warwick has been working with the Sydney Male Choir as its musical director.

Alex Pringle (2011–17)

After training and working as a violinist, Alex discovered his passion for conducting through the Symphony Australia Young Conductors Program, and has continued to direct orchestras and choirs in schools all over Sydney. He has also been a key director of the NSW Education Department Arts Unit and was instrumental in the coordination of the Schools Spectacular.

Carlo Antonioli (2018–19)

An accomplished saxophonist, conductor and composer, Carlo has worked with many of Sydney’s community and professional orchestras, including holding the position of Assistant Conductor to the West Australian Symphony Orchestra from 2018-2019. His more recent endeavours include conducting the Australian Doctors Orchestra in Orange, and composing the music of ‘Nightlight’ with the Dreambox Collective.

Neil Thompson (2019–21)

Despite being classically trained as an exceptional chamber violist and the current face of the ‘Omega Ensemble,’ Neil is also well-versed with the pop-music world, having toured with the fusion band ‘The Cat Empire,’ and having accompanied both ‘Yungblud’ and ‘Halsey’ for Triple J. In addition to his work as a performer, Neil is the artistic director of The Nano Symphony and has conducted many orchestras, including for Killara High School, the Arts Unit and the Nova Youth Orchestra.

Players (2010–2020)

° Concertmaster
* Section Principal


Violin (*Indicates Violin 2 Principals) Timothy de Solom°, Julia Mitchelmore°, Carla van der Wallen°, Melody van der Wallen°, Efrem Beniacar*, Tom Buckley*, Chris Chi*, Alexander Cronin*, Jessica Harvey*, Keshana Jeeveratnam*, Benjamin Lam*, Conrad Taing*, Melany Toombs*, Luna Zhou*, Orli Ades, Caleb Au, Aleksandra Bardajian, Maggie Bester, Tanyi Chan, Cameron Chan, Hannah Chen, Laura Chung, Justin de Solom, Sylvia Dit Rochesson, Jimin Eun, Georgia Frazer, Emilie Glasson, Zara Gough, Frankie Haubrich, Nina Hay, Sophie Heard, Isabella Heriot, Shemira Jeeveratnam, Klaus Lai, Sebastian Langbein, Joanne Lee, Vickie Lee, Michelle Leung, Klaus Leung, Jackie Liang, Lucas Lim, Victoria Liu, Anthea Liu, Seamus MacNamara, Jo Mackellar, Michael Monahan, Nova Mondry Cohen, Bianca Oliphant, Chi Chi Pau, Mi Mi Pau, Jack Richards, Emily Ronning, Daniele Sabatini, Matthew Sullivan, Josh Sun, Alexis Taing, Anna-Lisa Tie, Nathan Tsang, Karlon Tse, Sunny Xia, Jonathan Yeung, Haywood Yeung, Sherrie Zheng
Viola Haskell Beniacar*, Emily Cave*, Jessica Harvey*, Sergio Insuasti*, Steve Koroknay*, Josh Sun*, David Tocknell*, Isobel Brigden, Jo Brzeska, Charlotte Frazer, Cortney Husodo, Jeremy Husodo, Murray Kearney, Catherine Ku, Alicia Lee
Cello Jenean Lee*, Jett van der Wallen*, Andre Bugeja, Leinani Cartwright, Katie Cave, Emilie Choi, Dominique D’Silva, Jacob Godbout, Liam Joyce, Katherine Kwa, Justin Lee, Phoebe Lee, Chris Lee, Caius Leung, Vincent Lo, Lynn Masuda, Makito Mizushima, Justin Ng, Nicholas Price, Katie Robinson, Zoe Rosen, David Sison, Ricky Somaiya, Will Tu, Harry Wagstaff, Tom Williams, Chelsea Wong, Luca Ximenes, Aaron Yip
Double Bass Anna Armstrong*, James Kwong*, Jessica Brown*, Alistair Read
Harp Jacinta Raheb-Mol 


Flute/Piccolo Katie Jones*, Kirsten Levy*, Charmaine Lo*, Felicity Moy*, Hailey Ng*, Olivia Ronan*, Anna Herbert, Matthew Lee, Marcel Lima, May Mazidi, Naomi Robinson, Belinda Zhang
Oboe/Cor Anglais Callum Hogan*, Greg Knight*, Alex Norden*, Liam Sherman*, Harry Wagstaff*, Anna Herbert, Hayley Jones, Luke Marinaki, Sarah Parker, Hebe Williams, Annie Zhang
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Emma Brancatisano*, Nicki Brancatisano*, Nathan Carr*, Jess Clay*, William Hordern*, Lucy Parker*, Emma Robinson*, Emily Vohralik*, Kirsty Cairney, Elliot Connor, Ben Curry-Hyde, Nicholas D’Silva, Chloe Langbein, Caleb Leung, Harry Nicol, Chris Skellern, Jin Son, Jamie Wildner, Osmond Wu
Bassoon Syrena Bayne*, Nick Bennett*, Kate Cranswick*, Jack Cremer*, Thomas Henderson*, Jack Muir*, Adelaide Pratt*, Max Song*, Bronwyn Thomas*, Jay Lee, Jordy Meulenbreuks, Tammy Tan


Horn Eloise Craig*, Lilly Cremer*, Kara Hann*, Eloise Koch*, Lindsay Pringle*, Alec Berg, Simon Jones, Elliot Leahy, William Liu, Piper Markson, Sophia Mitchell, Angus Palmer, Ursula Phillips, Henry Shen, Scott Tout, Jonathan Yeap
Trumpet Daniel Brini*, Ben Close*, James Fox*, Charles Freeman*, Natasha Williams*, Adam Davis, Isabelle Downie, Amy Fox, Lachie Fraser, Grace Jarvis, Esme Mathis, Alex Michaux, Stephen O’Sullivan, Taylor Quin, Rebecca Williams
Trombone/Bass Trombone Nick Barnard*, Tom Cartwright*, Jonathan Frecker*, Michelle Young*, James Austen, Peter Barlow, Hugh Brigden, Laura Glase, Jacob Gross, Tom Mountstephens, Eddie O’Sullivan, Christian Sherlock, James Wiseman
Tuba Jayden Levy*, Christian Sherlock*, Genevieve Jones


Oliver Brini*, Angus Brodie*, Nick Gummerson*, Alex Lennon*, Christine Pan*, Rory Wilson*, Bea Brabante, Claire Edmunds, Tash Freeman, Jennifer Leaf Douglas, Dan Lim, Yasmin Lin, Grace Liu, Julia Mitchelmore, Daniel Taylor


Victoria Liu, Katie Robinson


Thank you to all current and former KYO committee members who have helped in the formation, organisation, planning and running of the orchestra, led by presidents Annette Lennon (2010–11), Wendy Preston (2012–13), Man Yiu Lee (2014–18) and Katrina Bacon (2019–Present).

Thank you to former membership secretary Genelle van der Wallen (2010–20) for bringing her dedication, passion and energy to recruit and support the musicians.

Thank you to Man Yiu Lee and his team of volunteers who have recorded the video and audio from all concerts.

Thank you to all individuals who have supported the orchestra through donations and the continued support of our sponsors — Ku-ring-gai Council, Fine Impressions, Bendigo Bank, Denning Price and the Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra (KPO).

Finally, a special thank you to all parents and musicians, past and present, who have been part of KYO — without your involvement KYO would not be where it is today.

10 Years of KYO Project Acknowledgements

Project team (marketing, writing & curating) Timothy de Solom, Harry Wagstaff, Belinda Zhang 
Video Editing Steve Koroknay
Audio Mixing Timothy de Solom
Artwork & Graphic Design Emilie Glasson
CD/DVD Production Fine Impressions

Special thanks to Ku-ring-gai Council for providing a grant in support of this project.