Out Of This World

14th August 2011 at The Centenary Centre, Ravenswood featuring Star Wars Suite, William Tell Overture, Mars from The Planets, Roman Carnival Overture, Danse Macabre & Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 (Mvt IV) – Conducted by Warwick Tyrrell


Violin 1 – Melody van der Wallen, Carla van der Wallen, Sherrie Zheng, Tanyi Chan, Anna-Lisa Tie
Violin 2 – Tom Buckley, Melany Toombs, Shemira Jeeveratnam, Zara Gough, Sophie Heard, Maggie Bester
Viola – Emily Cave, Cortney Husodo, Alicia Lee, Jeremy Husodo
Cello – Jett van der Wallen, Liam Joyce, Jacob Godbout, Katie Robinson, Katie Cave, Justin Lee
Double Bass – Jessica Brown
Flute – Charmaine Lo, Naomi Robinson, Kirsten Levy
Oboe – Alex Norden, Callum Hogan
Clarinet – Nicki Brancatisano, Emma Robinson, Chris Skellern, Ben Curry-Hyde
Bassoon – Bronwyn Thomas, Nick Bennett, Jack Cremer, Kate Cranswick
Horn – Lilly Cremer, Eloise Craig
Trumpet – Charles Freeman, Esme Mathis
Trombone – Jonathan Frecker, Hugh Brigden, James Wiseman, Peter Barlow
Tuba – Jayden Levy
Percussion – Alex Lennon, Rory Wilson, Claire Edmunds