The Adventures of Nezha

Term 3 2019 saw KYO embark on a new project, commissioning in-house composer Christine Pan to compose a work inspired by Chinese traditional music, catered to high school & community orchestras.

Christine’s composition The Adventures of Nezhatells the story of the protection deity Nezha in Chinese folk religion. Her piece premiered on the 8th September at our Wanderlust concert and was a resounding success!


Premiere performance at Wanderlust concert

The inspiration behind the piece


  1. This work is a fantastic repertoire: KYO supports the creation of exciting Australian-Chinese music purely catered to high school orchestras, unlike some other repertoires which are simplified, poor rearrangements of non-Australian, over-performed works. 
    • The piece caters different alternatives for solos to be played on other instruments.
    • Cues and time signatures are clear to follow. 
    • Alternative doubling/rhythms/parts written on top of original parts to cater for the different levels of high school orchestras, intermediate to high-level. 
    • Various textures and transitions are fun and challenging for an intermediate orchestra, there will be something new to learn for everyone. 
    • The score and parts have been rigorously checked by both the committee and Paul Stanhope HIMSELF (Christine’s tutor/lecturer)!
  2. The work is a fresh teaching resource – students could study and analyse in class, as well as be played by school orchestras. 
    • The Year 7 and 8 syllabus requires students to study music “that reflects the diversity of Australian culture” and has an optional topic called “Music of a Culture”. 
    • The Year 9 and 10 syllabus has a compulsory topic of “Australian Music” and optional topics “Music of a Culture” and “Music for Large Ensembles”. It aims to teach high school more about multi-cultural Australian Musical Identity, in this particular commission (the Chinese Australian identity).
  3. The piece also quotes other famous traditional Chinese pieces in a way that is relevant to Nezha’s story, it’s a great resource for attentive listening and analysis on how allusions and references to earlier repertoires can add programmatic, cultural, social and political meaning.
  4. Australian Chinese students and parents will feel appreciated and heard if there were more focus and performances of intercultural/multicultural Australian repertoires such as this one to give a more colourful portrayal of the Australian Identity.  
  5. Supporting local composers: Financially supporting and providing upcoming composers such as Christine Pan to write, workshop and perform orchestral music. 


Christine’s work caters for alternative doubling/rhythms/parts/solos for different levels and sizes of high school orchestras, intermediate to high-level. However, the original instrumentation is provided as a reference below:

Piccolo, 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets in Bb, 2 Bassoons, 4 Horns in F, 3 Trumpets in Bb, 3 Trombones, Tuba, Timpani, *Percussion, Harp, Strings
*Glockenspiel, Marimba, Triangle, Temple Block, Tambourine, Suspended Cymbal, Crash Cymbals

Free sample

The first 10 pages of Adventures of Nezha are available as a FREE download below.

The composer – Christine Pan

Aspiring young composer with commissioned experience in the commercial and classical setting. Specializes in instrumental writing, with experience in composing for orchestral works, smaller chamber works to vocal compositions. Able to play many different instruments, including piano and percussion. Also has strong abilities in electronic and contemporary writing, familiar with a range of softwares such as Cecilia, Logic Pro, Cubase, Max Msp and Pro Tools. Has been and is currently being commissioned for orchestral arrangements and electroacoustic works. Familiarity with a range of musical genres and practices, with experience in gaming, TV, and commercial scoring.

Christine would also be pleased to engage with any teachers and students who would be interested in using Adventures of Nezha for classroom study. It would be an enriching experience for students to meet a young, living Australian composer. 

Follow Christine on social media @ChristinePanMusic:


The full score and parts for The Adventures of Nezha are available for $50.00 as a downloadable zip file containing pdfs of the full score and each part. Contact for more details.


If you have any queries or questions regarding Adventures of Nezha, please contact